Log book

14 mai 2020


 “Reality is the ultimate bait-and-switch maneuver.

It costs nothing to wake up, however it costs everything to stay awake.”


12 mai 2020

"Etre au centre du combat"

"Donner de la vie à la vie"

"Va impacter la vie des autres, mets de la vie dans leur vie"


L'Essence du 8 apparait clairement dans ce passage extrait de l'homélie du 3ème dimanche de Pâques (Couvent Saint Antoine Bruxelles)


11 mai 2020


"Why is Julian so appealing today? I think because she is totally vulnerable and transparently honest, without any guile. She is “homely”; in medieval terms, that means down-to-earth, familiar, and easily accessible. She is keenly aware of her spiritual brokenness and longs to be healed. So do we. She experiences great suffering of body, mind, and soul. So do we. She has moments of doubt. So do we. She seeks answers to age-old questions. So do we. Then, at a critical turning point in her revelations, she is overwhelmed by joy and “gramercy” (great thanks) for the graces she is receiving. We, too, are suddenly granted graces and filled to overflowing with gratitude. Sometimes, we even experience our own divine revelations." (Richard Rohr - Center for Action and contemplation)


“All will be well and all will be well and every kind of thing shall be well.” 

The Thirteenth Revelation, ch. 27

Julian of Norwich, a type 9 ?