Life is full of opportunities...

But...there are 9 ways of not being able to jump at them!

The definition of an opportunity is quite simple. It appears within a "window" of time. Once this window is closed, the opportunity is gone. No more!

I have missed some opportunities in my life and I guess you have done the same.

But fortunately, things have changed and I tend not to miss them anymore: I have learned my lesson!

When you are familiar with the Enneagram, you know there are 9 different ways of "chickening" out. We can do all of them, but usually we have our favorite one, the one that shows up most often, because it is closely linked to our personality structure. 

Here is the idea, it is simple and it has worked for me: if you can recognise your "favorite one" and seriously ponder it, then next time life presents you with a beautiful opportunity tailored for you, you might do things differently....and jump at it! Happily...and with excitement. 

Here are the 9 opportunity killers. Take the time you need to see where you are.

  • Type 1 : I don't want to make mistakes. It needs to be right
  • Type 2 : the well-being of others is more important than mine and I am here for them
  • Type 3 : this is not where and how people expect me to succeed. I'll think of my heart's desire later
  • Type 4 : I am not in the mood. Anyway It is up to other people to notice how     talented and unique I am 
  • Type 5 : I need first to be an expert and then I will consider it
  • Type 6 : I can't do it on my own. What if I fail? I need to double-check the details and possible support
  • Type 7 : What if the next one is even better? I prefer keeping my options open.   
  • Type 8 : It's not for me. I need something big, intense, challenging, something real!
  • Type 9 : What's the point? It's not worth the effort. Who am I to pretend I can do this? 

Each time I read this, it hurts. What about you?

If you want to know more and understand where these "weird ideas" come from, my advice to you is to open an Enneagram book (The wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso and Hudson for example) or take an Enneagram course with an experienced teacher who walks the talk.

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