Welcome to EnneaTeach

To Fr Alan Fudge

A Father to a multitude

Who devoted his life

 to share the Light


This website is for all those who are passionate about searching and finding the meaning of their life,


Meaning of their personal life,

whether you are a spouse, a parent, a friend :

  • You want to have a better understanding of your joys and struggles,
  • You want to understand your dear ones and improve your relationship with them,


Meaning of their professional life,

whatever your position and responsibilities :

  • you want to improve your interpersonnal and management skills,
  • you want to understand your colleagues, clients, etc.
  • you want to work on team building for a better communication and efficiency


Meaning of your spiritual life

whatever your religion, you feel the need to deepen your faith and reconnect to its core by finding answers to the question "Who am I?"


Or, you wonder why you don't have any spiritual life, and you want to explore what blocks you.


Whatever category you find yourself in, your first step in this quest for meaning is self-knowledge. This self exploration is exciting but difficult. Fortunately there is a tool for this work : the Enneagram.


I offer you my experience, my Enneagram expertise, and I make you a promise : if you commit yourself to discovering who you are, you will find a salt mine for your life.