Assess your need to grow and develop to a higher level of being by answering those questions by YES or NO :


1. Are there things in your life you don’t want to accept?                           


2. Are there people in your life you can’t forgive?   


3. Do you hold other people responsible for the way you feel and are now? 


4. Do you have the feeling you are trapped in a repetitive pattern?       


5. Do you feel your life is passing by with you as a spectator and not an actor? 


6. Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotional ups and downs?           


7. Do you feel out of touch with your energy?                                     


8. Do you have difficulty feeling and expressing joy?                           


9. Do you have difficulty being happy with your life?                           


10. Do you have difficulty finding the meaning of your life?                                




If you have managed answering with honesty, congratulations!

If some of your answers are YES, it means you have space for growing...