What I live for...

Beyond my role as a wife and mother, I dedicate my life to my personnal inner growth and to sharing my experience and learnings through teaching and coaching.


We are all called to become who we are :

magnificent human beings.

My joy and my privilege is to encourage my students to journey towards this direction.


Your immediate reaction might be : "Does she believe what she says?"

My answer is simple : You can't honestly and seriously work in the field of Personal Development, let alone be an Enneagram Teacher, if you don't have this faith in others deeply rooted in you.


The other important thing is that I don't consider inner growth as an end in itself. The end is to become fully human, and honor what we have been created for : love oneself (!), love one another, and enjoy the fullness of what life brings, good or bad.


I trust this is a universal journey anyone can embark on...regardless of whether we are a believer or not.