My Itinerary

After graduating in 1991 from ESCP (Top French Business School, Paris), I started my career as an auditor, then a project management consultant, which brought me to London in 1998.


I quit my job in 2000 when my first child was born and devoted the ten following years to my family. Apart from being with my children, this career break gave me the opportunity to dive with passion into the oceanic depths of Personal development : Theology, Psychology, Spirituality...


2001 : Open University in London : module "World Religions" (Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism)



2002-10 : follower of the Neo-catechumenal Way itenerary of faith in the Parish of

St Charles Borromeo, London, under the guidance of Father Alan Fudge.



2009 : "Gap year" in Philadelphia!

Module "Catholic Moral teachings" with the Catechetical Institute

of St Charles Borromeo Seminary, Wynnewood, PA

Nelly Berman Music School : Singing class


2010 - 2012 : Enneagram Institute, NY

Professional training : Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

I have also been part of :

- the London Enneagram Worldwide ongoing training group.

- a coaching supervision group.


Active member of a supervision group of Christian Enneagram teachers in Paris.



2015 : CERTIFICATION with Honors


From Gayle Scott , Faculty member : 

"Dorothée has shown herself to be an articulate communicator and excellent Enneagram teacher. She welcomes her students into the learning process with a lovely presence and genuine warmth and enthusiasm. She has demonstrated a deep and nuanced understanding of the complex Riso-Hudson Enneagram material. As a facilitator, Dorothée models how, when skillfully presented, the Enneagram of Personality can enrich and transform our lives and relationships."



2018 : Training with Susan Olesek to become an EPP guide


 Practicum in the Prison of Namur

 Article on my experience : here




For further information on me, see  "My Enneagram story" and "What I live for..."