Golden rules...and a promise

The Enneagram student always remembers the followings :


  • There are nine personality types and none of them is better or worse than the other.


  • Each individual is a unique variation of his type. 


  • We are born with one Essence of being, our most precious gift, and the personality we build is the natural consequence of loosing contact with this Essence : our personality is our survival or coping strategy. Compared to our Essence which means freedom, our personality limits us.


  • Whatever we do in life, this gift, our essence of being, remains untouched, waiting to be unveiled and used for our good and the good of all. Consequently we never change our type, but we are called to grow in our type.


  • Only the person can discover, by his/herself, his/her personality type. 


  • The Enneagram is first to be used for oneself, and as a base to become aware of and accept the differences with the other: It should always lead to compassion for oneself and the other, never to judgement.





  • The more we grow to higher levels of being, the more we have access to the nine gifts of Essence, and the more we become a complete human being, one with the whole.


  • The more we discover who we are, truly created in the image of God, and free to Be who we are, the more we are able to get in touch with the infinite love surrounding us since the beginning...


  • The more we touch God’s love in our life, the more we can love oneself and the other, and the more we know that love exists and is the only purpose in life.


  • The more we touch this light, the more we want to pass it on and spread it like an infinite beam.