I teach the Enneagram to Groups and Individuals


The material is the same, but the group offers the advantage of a live illustration of the different types thanks to the contributions of each one in the group. Nobody illustrates better a type than a person itself.


MODULE 1 : 5 sessions of 3 hours


Complete presentation of the tool and the nine personality types, and the right approach to use it. 

This setting is designed to help everyone discover their type.


12 persons max.



INDIVIDUAL TEACHING : 1 to 3 sessions


Session 1 : Introduction to the tool (basics) and presentation of your type.

You leave with homework to do.

(1 to 2 hours)


Session 2 : Review of your understanding of the different aspects of your type and how you apply them in your life. 

(1 to 2 hours)


Coaching session (after session 1 & 2) : we focus on one dominant issue in your life and use the Enneagram knowledge to explore it and give it a new perspective.

(1 to 2 hours)

My first group - London,  January 2011
My first group - London, January 2011