The learning process

Working with the ENNEAGRAM and discovering your personality type will take you on the following journey :


  • Discover the Centers of intelligence - or the three fundamental functions of your body : the Mind, Heart, Belly Centers, and how you use or misuse them.


  • Understand the difference between Essence (your true nature) and Ego (your defense mechanisms, or survival strategy): when you are not aware of how your Ego works, it runs the show of your personality, as if you were on automatic pilot! 


  • Discover the Basic Fear of your Ego and how it colors your life and prompts an automatic pattern.


  • Get to know the Basic Desire of your Ego, or what you think will sort you out.


  • Get to know your main trap, where you keep falling without ever knowing it. We call it the Passion or the root sin. It also permeates your whole personality.


  • Discover your coping strategy under stress, the little old homemade recipe your Ego always uses (your circuit breaker!).


  • Discover the qualities and virtues that need to arise in you when you are in the process of growing.


  • Learn to be aware of your different levels of functioning.


  • In the end, discover and accept the reality of your being : 
    • you are, as everybody is, a beautiful being with a shadow side
    • you are called to become YOU, the free YOU, if you want it
    • it means you can be an actor of your life, and take responsibility for it, your struggles and sufferings included.


This can also be translated as follows, my motto in life: 


“You are a beautiful being, created in the image of God, 

and God has created you free”.