What is the Enneagram?




All traditions and wisdoms agree that the first step on the journey of self-development is self-knowledge. The Enneagram is the easiest and most efficient tool to take you on this journey of self-discovery.


The Enneagram is a universal tool, accessible to anyone, regardless of culture, origin, religious, or no religious background.


The only pre-requisite is determination, perseverance, patience (inner growth is never comfortable nor easy)...and a good Teacher!


Although it started being developed in the USA in the early seventies, it is based on a modern synthesis of ancient wisdoms and traditions regarding the human psyche. Today this tool is taught in American universities, and used in companies and by coaches worldwide. You can find Enneagram schools and institutes in many countries on all continents. Specialists and prominent teachers gather once a year at the IEA (International Enneagram Association) conference.


The Enneagram is a system which says there are 9 ways of being and seeing the world, or 9 different personality types. You discover YOUR personality type, its structure and mechanisms, and this knowledge helps you to observe yourself and bring awareness to your everyday life and issues.


Before getting to your type, you need to invest some time to understand the structure and logic of the system, which is complex but accessible to anyone.


For this step, a good teacher who masters the system and has used it for himself is far better than a book.


Then, you need to type yourself. As this system is based on inner motivations, you are the best person to do it, but it can be a difficult process to do on your own. Three options are offered to you :


1- you can do a test (online, takes 1 hour) : it will give you 1 or 2 types to reflect on and choose from.


2 - you can go through a typing interview (with a teacher, 1 to 2 hours)


3 - you can follow a course covering the 9 types in depth. Usually, when you listen to your type description, you can't not recognise yourself.


In any case, once you know your type, you need to study it thoroughly in order to be able to use this knowledge for your inner growth. Again, a teacher who has mastered the Enneagram for him/herself is far better than a book. My experience is that this knowledge becomes "alive" in you, when it is transmitted orally to you, through a "live" experience.