Russ Hudson in Paris 2019

"Whether you are an experienced practitioner, an enthusiastic fan, or simply curious about the Enneagram, this weekend will take you on a path rarely explored, and yet very accessible.


We know, with the Enneagram and the study of the Passions, that the human heart is the source of all our sufferings: we have learned to recognize them and to accept that we are responsible for them. It's already something!... But if we are to stop there, what's the point? 


This weekend on the Virtues will be faithful to the primary purpose of the Enneagram: helping humans on their path of awakening and transformation. Russ Hudson does not come to help us understand some useful "tricks” that will help us suffer less from our personality and that of those around us. 

Rather, Russ's work on the Virtues will guide us into deeper waters : finding the way to our heart and letting its higher qualities - those that open us to a life of fullness - to arise. 

The knowledge and practice of these virtues is part of our heritage: many men and women have testified through their lives that these virtues are within our reach. The genius of the Enneagram, once again, is to offer us a simple map to climb these 9 summits of our human nature. 


Dear explorers of the human heart, the ascent of these peaks awaits you. Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to the teachings of Russ Hudson."


Dorothée Nicolas

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